Benchmark - Jasmine Tea

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A pouchong green tea from Fujian Province, hand rolled into pearls and combined with the essence of Jasmine for a delicate, sweet. Please note that only the loose-leaf format of this tea is hand-rolled into pearls.

Why Silk Pyramid Sachets?

Silk Pyramid Sachets allow the tea leaves to open up they way they would in a loose-leaf tea filter due to their 3D shape. A recent ASA study concluded that a pyramid tea bag provides 99% more room for tea leaves to open up versus a standard tea bag. The same study touted greater brewing efficiency as a key benefit of the pyramid tea bag.

About Benchmark Teas

The Benchmark line was developed by Reunion Island's Director of Coffee Adam Pesce. We believe loose leaf is the best way to drink tea and we wanted to create a lineup that complemented and matched up with our coffee in terms of quality, consistency and branding. The Benchmark menu includes all the traditional teas along with more unique tastes like Sencha Green, and Sweet Hibiscus. Benchmark is all about taking the tea basics, like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, and doing them really, really well. The lineup serves daily tea drinkers as much as it does the occasional consumer.