Pre-Order Gesha Village
Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Melon, Stone Fruit, Mandarin Orange, Honey
Variety: GESHA 1931, Red Honey Process Elevation: 1931-2040 MASL
Producer: Adam Overton & Rachel Samuel

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From our varietal series, this red honey processed coffee hails from the GESHA Village Estate in Ethiopia. GESHA Village is a sprawling 471-hectare farm near the birthplace of the famed GESHA variety, in the dense, lush forest of the Bench Maji region.  This small 9-bag lot comes from the farm’s Oma Block micro-region, named after the respected leader of the Meanit people.

Owners Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel have designed GESHA Village from the ground-up, in its birthplace, to take advantage of Ethiopia’s exceptional terroir and the unique flavor profile made famous in Panama. Exotic aromas of jasmine and mandarin orange are followed by a uniquely rich and robust cup (compared to the typically delicate profile) that tastes of densely packed peach, apricot and melon, supported by a lingering honey sweetness.

*Ships December 17, 2018