Ethiopia Hunda Oli
Tasting Notes: Sweet, Creamy, Peach and White Tea
Variety: Heirloom Elevation: 1980-2200m masl
Producer: Hunda Oli
Roast: Light Certifications: Small Lot Series, Direct Trade

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Ethiopia Hunda Oli - one roast only, limited quantities

Hunda Oli is a co-operative in the Jimma zone in the Oromia region close to Agaro, Ethiopia where farmers have been producing coffee for generations. This coffee is grown high, at 1980-2200m masl, with annual rainfall of 1700-2200mm. The heirloom varietal is skillfully sorted and fully washed. Both the well-drained, fertile forest soil and skilled processing helps create a sweet and creamy cup with flavors of peach and white tea.

This coffee finished in the top ten at the 2017 Canadian Barista Competition.