La Colmenita Guatemala - washed process
Tasting Notes: syrupy, sweet notes of red apple, creme brûlée and pecan.
Variety: Bourbon, Typica Elevation: 1750
Producer: Francisco Cardona Martin
Roast: Light Certifications: Direct Trade

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Francisco Cardona Martin, the owner of Finca La Colmenita in Guatemala, is always looking for new ways to produce the best quality coffees possible. His drive to find resourceful farming techniques has led him to improve and innovate processes on the farm, as exemplified by the patio beds he built on top of his house to dry his coffee. These inventive techniques, combined with altitudes as high as 1720 MASL, help to create syrupy, sweet notes of red apple, creme brûlée, and pecan in this Small Lot coffee.